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Kimura, Inc.


Industrial & Manufacturing


Since its inception in 1881 Japan, Kimura Unity Group has been dedicated to providing top-quality services to customers while maintaining top-of-the-line workplaces with first-rate teams of employees. We believe that our company exists for the customers and prospers together alongside our employees.

Placing a high premium on creating customer value and enhancing motivated personnel performance, Kimura Unity Group offers integrated services in four areas throughout the globe—logistics services, total car services, information services, and staffing services.

In our daily efforts, we seek to create new value and pioneering services that exceed customer expectations. We strive also to be a company where employees are fulfilled in their work and feel fully enriched with the spirit of teamwork, making our workplace a dynamic environment in which all team members are motivated to satisfy customers by working together as they provide genuine, friendly services.

Kimura Unity is committed to evolving further in the years ahead to provide genuine value to customers and end users.

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